Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In which I am NOT a play gym

Dear Lafayette,

You are so beautiful when you fly and I love that you fly to ME!  It's so special to see a bird winging his way to you for the sole purpose of landing on your shoulder or hand.  However there's gotta be some boundaries here.  First of all, when Mommy is in the bathroom that's her special time.  That means she wants to be left alone to do whatever she does there.  That is NOT the time to come winging in to land on my head to share it with me.  i already have a cat rubbing my legs to help me, you don't need to put in your worth as well.

Also I like to get dressed or go to the kitchen.  I come back within a minute, please stop launching yourself at me like I've suddenly left you sitting on a curb somewhere with no hope of toys, food or fun.  You have a hanging net, a hanging play gym, two boings, foot toys, hanging toys, food, water and your friend Piper to keep you company.  You don't need me in sight at all times!!  Speaking of which, the cats have the cat tree, you don't need that too!  And what's so darned interesting on the floor.  There are no toys, no food, nothing but beige carpet, yeesh!

Dear Piper,

Oh my good girl!  I'm so glad you've learned to step up so well!!!  It makes me so proud of you and hope that you teach Lafayette that little trick. We just have a few issues to address.  Your other Mommy loves you too, she comes to take you out and wants to be your friend.  Please don't latch onto her hand like that and bruise her. O o   Bad birdie! Also can you please stop stealing the best foot toys off of Lafayette.  He had it first not you and the resulting tussling always makes me paranoid!

That's your water dish, not your bath.  You have a bath.  It's on the outside of your cage.  Alternatively bathing in the play stand water and the inside cage water and then the bath only means you're trying to soak yourself to the optimum wetness so you can fling yourself against me and soak me as well.  I swear I get my bath every day without your help!!

And now a glory shot of Lafayette flying. ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feather tube

Okay guys, I know you want to be in the same cage.  It's almost insane trying to separate you both, however I figured I'd put in two sleeping places so you wouldn't be fighting at night in case you wouldn't sleep together.  Just one thing.  You have TWO tents to sleep in.  One of them is larger in case you want to sleep together, the other is big enough for just one.  Why are you BOTH trying to squeeze yourselves into the SMALLER one.  It looks like you're being squeezed out of it like a tube of toothpaste. O o   Please stop and just figure out there's a bigger one.  I promise you'll be more comfy.  If you keep waggling your butts outside of that thing I'm going to pinch them!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rough times ahead

Dear Piper and Lafayette,

I know you two are not particularly interested in one another aside from strange bobbing motions and peering across the room and that's fine. You guys take your time however you need too!  I'm not going to rush anything and you know I care for both of you.  I'm doing my best to make sure both of you get plenty of time together however I can manage.  I know you're getting a little jealous Piper, but I promise he's not a replacement you're getting lots and lots of out of cage time.  We'll sort this out all together!  I also know you're unhappy that you have to share space with the Evil One even if it is across the room.

I'm afraid I'm going to be remaking a lot of toys for both of you in the near future.  I'd planned on stockpiling toys and goodies at the side walk sale, but your furry brother is in the hospital and very ill.  Right now paying his vet bills and getting him healthy is the priorty.  Don't give me that look! You both have lots of toys and I still have supplies to make new ones.  You just have to understand that we need to get him better again and then we'lll make sure that you guys have lots and lots of goodies and toys to share!

Love your stressed out Mom

Saturday, June 4, 2011

That's my head!

Dear Lafayette,

WELCOME HOME!  You're going to be so loved and I'm already quite smitten with you.  In the few days you've been here I'm so proud you've gone from eying me warily to stepping up on my finger with little hesitation to travel around the house while I made breakfast.  However my handsome dapper lad, we have to have a little talk about the subject of my head.

I know I'm wearing a ball cap today, I do that on most of my lazy days.  It's there because I don't want to have my hair in my eyes.  It's not their for you to latch onto and flap your wings as fast as you can.  I'm not positive, but are you trying to carry me around the house?  Imagine my surprise when you flew off my head and went RIGHT back to your cage!  My smart boy!  Now please stop giving those short bursts of screams that keep making Piper launch herself from her cage.  She can't fly yet so I have to go hunting for her waddling rump all through the house afterwards!

Your new mom

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Dear Piper,

I admire your gritty determination and hard will that makes you want to fight the odds to get a blue berry from your bowl at the top of the cage all the way down to me, but we need to have a talk.  Not only are you leaving a trail of smeared blue berry from the top of the cage on down, it's a little bit creepy.  You stop and stare intently at me while chewing at your blueberry.  If I turn to look at you, you stop and just stare right back at me until I go back to what I was doing.  You obviously don't want attention, you obviously don't want me to snuggle you or pick you up, so what do you want?  Do you just want to stare at me while you eat?  It's kind of stalkerish actually.  Please eat up on the top of your cage with your food, I'm really tired of scrubbing blueberry and other things off the side of the cage.

Also I hope you're prepared!  The new fid arrives tomorrow and there's going to be some changes to the house. I hope you like him, I hope both of you get along and become friends.  If not I promise I won't make you jealous.  You'll still be getting all sorts of love and snuggles from me every day!

Monday, May 30, 2011


I learned a new lesson today.  Do NOT yawn with the bird on your shoulder.  Why?  Because Piper apparently thinks she's a lion in a circus act.  Bird head in the mouth..not a good way to be waking up. LOL

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tea and Cakes

Dear Piper,

You're such a smart girl!  You're figuring out how the British eat have decided that when you get your treats you should do the same.  There's just one little ground rule though.  That's your bath tub, that is not a cup of tea.  That is a nutriberry, not a cake.  So will you please stop perching on the edge of your bath tub dunking your nutriberry before eating it?  The waters all fouled now!  Oh..and when you're done, pleaseeeeee stop flinging it into space.  You're going to make the cats unhappy from the soggy seeds everywhere!